Munck Piping

Munck Piping

Year in, year out, Munck Piping has plowed its way through the Danish landscape, bringing Danes closer to each other - and closer to trouble-free supplies for a modern lifestyle.


Munck Piping establishes and renovates all categories of supply pipes, district heating systems, fibre network, telecommunication, and optical fibre cables, as well as sewer and water lines. Each assignment is carried out with a keen eye on quality and with state-of-the-art knowledge being applied by teams tailored for the assignment, always paying the gratest possible respect to traffic, the environment and residents.


We are also at the forefront in regard to future climate changes and the large, concentrated volumes of water to be expected.


We carry out prime contracts, all-in contracts and individual trade contracts in all core areas and have a tradition for framework agreements with municipalities and utilities.

Trouble-free supply calls for expertise, experience, maintenance and extensions. These things come natural to Munck Piping.


The head office of Munck Piping is in Odense, Denmark; the company has approx. 800 employees.