Munck Piping

Sewerage systems

Due to climate changes in Denmark - the increased amount of rain and cloudbursts - there is a need for innovation to solve the drain technical challenges we face.


At Munck piping, we focus on being the utility companies’ first choice for sewer and climate projects. Thus, we do both installation and renovation of drainpipes in all dimensions including separation projects, detention basins, structures and sustainable urban drainage systems, etc. We also offer execution of traditional excavation and No-dig specialties such as horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and pipe bursting.


Each task is done by professional, quality-conscious employees, armed with the latest knowledge and equipment. This means that all tasks are done in the best quality and with greatest possible regard for affected residents, road users and the environment - and pursuant to the authority requirements.


Munck piping is part of Byggeriets Kvalitetskontrol within:


- Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
- Pipe bursting
- Quality management system (QMS)



Johni Nordhald Bloch

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Jesper Asbjørn

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